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eVisit by the numbers

Healthcare organizations love how easy-to-use eVisit is, and patients can’t get over how convenient it is to get high-quality care from anywhere.


Annual revenue from one 15-minute telemedicine appointment per day


Percent of patients who are frustrated by waiting room times


Annual cost of missed appointments that could be recouped with eVisit

30 mins

Average administrative overhead time saved per telemedicine visit


See why eVisit is the #1 rated teletherapy system.

2-way HD video

Whether you’re in front of a computer or a smartphone, our cutting edge technology allows you to see everything in crisp detail.

HIPAA & COPPA compliant

You’ve got enough to worry about — leave the security issues to us. We make sure all your data is safe and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Escape the office

eVisit provides more flexibility in the way you practice medicine — whether you’re checking in post-op or treating a case of the sniffles.

Full staff support

Implementing telemedicine shouldn’t be difficult — that’s why we have a trained team dedicated to ensuring that eVisit is a complete success for your practice.

The largest systems in the US choose eVisit.